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Get The Price Right

Can you afford to leave money on your shelves?
Are you able to grow in a profitable way?
If not, GET THE PRICE RIGHT is the guide for you.

We are in a new retail era that is increasingly being shaped by technological advances, globalisation and a volatile economic environment. With intensifying price wars, margin dilution, commoditisation of brands, and informed, price savvy shoppers, retailers and manufacturers are scrambling to innovate and battling just to stay in the game. Surely something has to change!

This ground breaking book address these challenges and proposes an effective way forward. Sahaj reveals the secrets of his Strategic Pricing Execution (SPE) ™, an end-to-end framework designed to get your pricing right no matter what! The approach connects the external shopper’s decisions phycology to internal Organisational objectives, while ensuring that it is anchored within the market realities.

  • Profitable growth for your organisation
  • Adaptable to any market conditions
  • Proven framework from strategies to execution

Price is a heavily discussed topic in retail today and GET THE PRICE RIGHT’ is dedicated to bringing new meaning to retail pricing in helping organisations to not just GROW but to GROW PROFITABILY in a sustainable manner.


Then simply contact us, and share your feedback and/or your own case studies on how you have used creative pricing strategies in your organisations. The best examples will be promoted on the site, and if you like, can be cited as case studies in the future editions of this book.

  • Sahaj’s relentless focus on quality and outstanding reliability has helped him develop lasting client relationships and strengthened value proposition to the market.

    Simon Launay


    Director & Founder of Arlians ltd

  • Sahaj’s frameworks uses vocabulary that is easy to understand within the organisations, and introduces concepts that are simplified, pragmatic and grounded in the realities of today.

    Raymond Aaron


    New York Times Top 10 Best Selling Author

  • Setting price correctly is imperative for not only brand positioning but also for commercial health. This simple and effective end to end approach will help organisations achieve the desired results from their product on the store shelves.

    Stewart Beale


    Director of Sales Operations, Carlsberg UK

  • GET THE PRICE RIGHT is the most practical guide on retail pricing for the 21st century. It gives marketing, sales and finance leaders and managers simple, achievable pricing strategies that will deliver sustainable growth

    Raymond Aaron


    New York Times Top 10 Best Selling Author

  • Sahaj's SPE™ approach will definitely help you to make your pricing decision right the first time and start emptying your shelves. Highly recommend it.

    Chinmai Swamy


    The Branding Coach and the creator of The Brand Marketing Academy

  • Sahaj demonstrate a deep understanding of the retail environment, and his pragmatic approach is strongly rooted in the market realities of today and tomorrow.

    Vincent Plane


    Ass. Director of Revenue Growth Management, Coca-Cola Enterprise Europe

If you already have a copy of GET THE PRICE RIGHT, then as promised, you can download the full set of FREE bonuses here.

CHAPTER 1 & 7 Examples of Pricing tactics
CHAPTER 2 - System 1 and System 2
CHAPTER 2 - Thinking-Fast-and-Slow
CHAPTER 4 - Top 12 Survey Best Practices
Chapter 5 - Organisation Growth Stance Matrix
CHAPTER 6 Table 6.1 Shopper Segmentation
CHAPTER 8 – Product design for winning at the moment of truth
CHAPTER 8 - Pictures of different display types
Alternatively you can Download All