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  • Innovations fail within the first
    3 years of being launched

  • Shoppers rank price
    as the most important factor in
    their purchase decision process

  • A very high volume is sold on
    promotions across Europe, with UK leading the way at 55% level

  • A very high % of shopper purchase
    decisions are made in store. Brand commoditisation is rising

About the Book

With intensifying price wars, margin dilution, and commoditisation of brands, retailers and manufacturers are scrambling to innovate and battling just to stay in the game. Price has now become one of the most talked about topic in retail today. GET THE PRICE RIGHT, an international award-winning book,addresses these challenges and proposes an effective way forward:

  • Profitable growth for your organisation
  • Adaptable to any market conditions
  • Proven framework from pricing strategies to execution
  • Sahaj’s relentless focus on quality and outstanding reliability has helped him develop lasting client relationships and strengthened value proposition to the market.

    Simon Launay Director & Founder of Arlians ltd
  • Sahaj’s frameworks uses vocabulary that is easy to understand within the organisations, and introduces concepts that are simplified, pragmatic and grounded in the realities of today.

    Raymond Aaron New York Times Top 10 Best Selling Author
  • Setting price correctly is imperative for not only brand positioning but also for commercial health. This simple and effective end to end approach will help organisations achieve the desired results from their product on the store shelves.

    Stewart Beale Director of Sales Operations, Carlsberg UK
  • GET THE PRICE RIGHT is the most practical guide on retail pricing for the 21st century. It gives marketing, sales and finance leaders and managers simple, achievable pricing strategies that will deliver sustainable growth

    Raymond Aaron New York Times Top 10 Best Selling Author
  • Sahaj's SPE™ approach will definitely help you to make your pricing decision right the first time and start emptying your shelves. Highly recommend it.

    Chinmai Swamy The Branding Coach and the creator of The Brand Marketing Academy
  • Sahaj demonstrate a deep understanding of the retail environment, and his pragmatic approach is strongly rooted in the market realities of today and tomorrow.

    Vincent Plane Ass. Director of Revenue Growth Management, Coca-Cola Enterprise Europe

Sahaj Kothari Author - Entrepreneur - Consultant

Sahaj Kothari is an internationally acclaimed award-winning author of the book GET THE PRICE RIGHT and the founder of Ensere, a growth hacking management consultancy. Sahaj is on a mission to help large organisation and SMEs find, build and sustain tangible Growth. For his work the Grocer magazine, a leading UK publication, has identified Sahaj as one of UK’s Top New Talent (TNT) 2015. Sahaj has also been acknowledged by Her Majesty, The Queen and UK's Prime Minister, Dav....

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Ensere is a growth hacking management consultancy with a mission to help large organisations and SMEs find, build and sustain Growth. Ensere is simply a way to fast track your growth no matter what! Sahaj, the founder of Ensere, has helped businesses big and small turn around their performance by instilling powerful and pragmatic growth strategies. He breaks the traditional mould of doing things, and vows to deliver a lasting legacy and leave an impact on every project and business he works on. Click below to see how Sahaj and his dynamic team can help fast track your business growth.

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